About Us

Vision - To be the preferred supplier of building and construction pricing, information and systems in Africa.

Mission - We are suppliers of solutions that save the building industry time & money.

As the 21st century sees further innovative, bold steps being taken to merge industries with the Information Technology boom, why should the Building & Construction industry be any different? PPiS takes that step forward to ensure Contractors, Estimators and Building Professionals have building estimation software at their fingertips to move towards the future. The PPiS product suite is driven to provide professionals operating within the African construction industry with comprehensive building estimation software, giving them the full benefits of time management, cost saving, overall efficiency and embracing technology.

Each product within the PPiS family caters to a specific need for each and every building professional. To enhance your information search on our products and to understand how the software will benefit your business, please browse through the websites in our online portal for the respective software packages, Costabill, BillcostĀ® and Merkel'sĀ®, while also viewing our Training courses