Calculating rates for a Bill of Quantities is a tedious process! Fortunately, with the Internet and increased access people in South Africa have to it, it presented the opportunity to develop an online-based estimating product, allowing easy access and convenience for building industry professionals to do their rate-build ups online.

Costabill is an innovative, all online solutions platform, to assist contractors and building professionals when it comes to calculating rates for Bills of Quantities.

Costabill is exclusively online, allowing 24/7 access with a safe and secure login system. Fast, efficient access to Costabill will provide live pricing, which includes all 9 South African provinces and Namibia, to calculate the Bills of Quantities.


How it Works

Costabill operates online, which means you have 24/7.
Please view the demonstration video or consult the User Guide.

1. Simply REGISTER yourself at the website, and login to have access to the Demo features of Costabill. Alternatively purchase Costabill via credit card to have instant access, or contact Costabill upon a Bank Transfer so you can be granted access.

2. Choose your Region at the top left “Select Region” (this will open the prices for all the South African Provinces & Namibia)

3. You can now work through the Bills on the left hand side (the Costabill database).

4. Keep double-clicking the items till you find the item with the suitable master bill description to add. Double click it

5. The item will be added to your project on the right hand side of the screen.

6. (Level 2) To view the formula breakdown, select the items tick box, and click on the option in the feature bar, “Show Formula”

7. (Coming at a later stage) To edit an item you’ve added, select the items tick box, and click on the option, “Edit Formula”. When done making changes, click the option “Update results…”

8. You can edit your Quantities directly as well in Costabill. In the main screen once you have added an item, double click the default figure under “Qty” and ensure it is relevant to the Unit of measurement indicated for that item “UOM”. When you change the amount, the Total displayed will change at the end of the item row.

9. There is no save function at present, so when done costing, choose your items, choose “Print Preview” and now you can Export To MS Excel to Print or further edit your rates.

You can now trial the Demo to accustom yourself with Costabill’s user-interface and features.
*Note: Specialist trades not included in current version.


Product Features


  1. Live Pricing, ensuring all listed prices are up-to-date and market-related.
  2. Safe and secure login
  3. Software is exclusively online
  4. 24/7 access
  5. Input quantities for rate build-ups with commonly used master bill descriptions.
  6. View and Edit the formula breakdown.
  7. Print Preview feature allows Export to MS Excel function to save your rate build-ups.
  8. 9 South African Provinces provided for, including Namibia
  9. List of all the Bills containing the basic methods and standards associated
  10. Prices relate directly to the quantities specified within Costabill to calculate the Bills of Quantities

"We developed this product to adhere to market trends, but more specifically to try and achieve a common market standard that will assist all sectors of the industry. It is a fruition of years of research and dedication from the team as a whole and the industry. We hope you are happy with it and would love to have your positive feedback!"

Chris Steenkamp, PPIS

Pricing & Purchase

Click on the purchase button below the option that interests you to view the further detail on which levels are available. Also you will see the pricing details to find the price that best suites your needs.

Costabill @ R5 000.00

License Term: 1 year

Costabill @ R2 800.00

License Term: 6 months

Costabill @ R1 900.00

License Term: 3 months

Demo @ R0.00

License Term: 30 days

Costabill Retail @ R5 000.00

License Term: 1 year

Costabill Retail @ R2 800.00

License Term: 6 months

Costabill Retail @ R1 900.00

License Term: 3 months



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