Merkel’s is the only construction estimating aid that features live pricing!

• Merkel’s is the standard reference publication for the construction industry when it comes to pricing a bill of quantities.

• The "Trades" that make up Merkel’s Live are, for the most part, drawn up according the guidelines set in the Standard System for Measuring Building Work, and items are drawn from the Model Bills of Quantities.

• Merkel’s Live is designed to guide the estimator through the complex processes needed to determine the final rate of a construction or building project.

• Merkel’s is used by all builders, from small contractors to large Quantity Surveyors and construction companies, as well as local, provincial and national government departments, e.g. Depart of Public Works.

• Merkel’s provides labour costs, material costs, and a section that adds the components together and calculates profit.

• Price options are available for all nine provinces, Namibia, and an Average RSA price. Merkel’s prices reflect the list prices and not discounted prices. They would therefore be used by both the tender and applicant.

• The application is updated live throughout the year. No input required from the user


How it Works

Merkel’s Live is the online incarnation of Merkel's that allows the user(s) to log in from a desktop or mobile device.

The software serves as a standard reference publication for the construction industry, containing the recommended standards and methods for all the Trades described in the "Standard System for Measuring Building Work".

The biggest benefit to the useris that the prices get updated, so pricing is effectively live and relevant for all nine South African Provinces plus Namibia and a average RSA price

Merkel’s Live can be bought via the PPIS website in increments of three (3) months, six (6) months and one (1) year.


"Our Company, being a leading competitor in the residential market, has utilised Merkels for a number of years to our complete satisfaction. The website and download facility for updates is professionally laid out and user friendly. We would not hesitate to recommend Merkels."

Mark Waters, Pinelands Development Company


Click on the purchase button below the option that interests you to view the further detail on which levels are available. Also you will see the pricing details to find the price that best suites your needs.

Merkels Online
Merkels Online @ R5 200.00

License Term: 1 year



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